Drumlin Gold
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Drumlin Gold uses only award winning cattle selected from the Monaghan Drumlins and from the Monaghan Producer Group. We select the finest cattle and only cattle grading U, R & O with a fat score between 2 and 4L make the grade for Drumlin Gold, Confirmation and fat score are paramount. All our Beef is 100% and is Farm Quality Assured.

Drumlin Gold is processed in Europe's newest and most high tech production facility at AIBP Clones and we use Europe's First individual Cut Traceability System at AIBP Clones unavailable anywhere else in Ireland or the UK .

Drumlin Gold beef is hip hung on the bone. The beef is hyper stretched using AIBP's Patented “all natural tenderisation process”. The next stage is sympathetic chilling which ensures a slow chill for maximum tenderness & finally Drumlin Gold is wet aged in our atmosphere controlled chillers to create a flavour and texture which is a myriad for the senses leaving a lasting impression and a desire for more.


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